Danielle Fleischman


Jordan Maughan

Danielle Fleischman and Jordan Maughan

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OUR STORY (as told by Jordan):
The first time Danielle and I met was in 2010 at a friend’s house. Someone there knew Danielle's friend Tara, so he invited her. Tara brought a few friends with her, including Danielle. The first thing I noticed about Danielle were her beautiful eyes, so I went over to Tara and said, "I think your friend is cute." As you might expect, my third grade tactic for getting a chance with Danielle was only going to get me so far, so I eventually had to muster the courage to actually talk to her. Once we started chatting, we ended up talking for hours about how we're both Canadian, the Calgary Stampede and our favorite foods (surprise, surprise). Tara informed me before our conversation that Danielle was seeing someone at the time, so I wanted to be respectful and did not ask for her number or expect any follow up at the end of the night.

Fast forward to a few months later, I was at a classic Bellevue bar called The Spot, and I was pleasantly surprised to find Danielle there! I spoke to her a bit more and learned she was single so I (probably awkwardly) asked her if she would go on a date with me, which she accepted.

Many of you are probably thinking, "Aww that worked out great, the rest is history I suppose." Well, let me tell you a little something about bad first dates, because as far as this one goes, it's definitely up there. The original planned date was happy hour followed by a movie - sounds harmless enough, right? Then, 23-year-old Jordan gets a text from his friend (checking my phone on a date is just the beginning my friends) and finds out that a buddy is having a kegger and "everyone" is going. At this point, I did not know Danielle as the selfless, magnanimous person that she is and didn't realize when she said she was open to whatever I wanted to do that the look on her face (and her tone) were secretly telling me the right move. Today this would be so painfully obvious to me. I'm sure you're now on edge wondering, "How did it go?!" Let me just make sure everyone understands something: *clears throat* On your first date - if you like the person - do not take your date to a kegger. Without writing a novel, let me just skip to the end of the night - it went terribly and someone else had to give her a ride home at 1am (she had to work the next day).

Although I felt like Danielle and I really clicked, and I did text her to apologize about my poor decision, I was pretty sure I had blown it and would not get a chance to talk to or see her again. Fast forward six months, and enter the glorious mass text. I was in Calgary for New Years, enjoying the night with my cousin Max, and just past midnight I received an incredibly simple, "Happy New Year!" text from Danielle which she sent to who knows how many recipients (you should ask her). With six more months of wisdom in my life, I decided to respond with an honest and heartfelt attempt at making Danielle realize I'm not a total dud. I told her I still felt bad and would love the chance to make it up to her with a real date, and miraculously she accepted. For our next date, I turned off my phone, took her to the Space Needle for drinks and a view, and cooked her a steak dinner. Despite burning the steak, it seemed I had at least proven I care.

Now, at THIS point we can (in some ways) say the rest is history. Danielle and I have had a loving and supportive relationship for these past nine years and we make the best partners, or partners in crime as Danielle says (even though she wouldn't steal a grape at the grocery store without trying to pay for it). Danielle is the most beautiful, honest, secretly hilarious, thoughtful, selfless person I could ask for. This is why it only took me three months into our relationship before I turned to my friend Kevin one night and said "I think I love this woman", and I know now I was head over heels. Throughout the years, Danielle and I have moved to London, both transitioned to working at Amazon, and traveled to nearly 50 countries together. The adventures and experiences I've had with her are worth more than any possessions in this world and she will always be the most important thing in my life.